brief decription of services with some chosen tips wide range of alternatives in Slovakia & Bratislava

Thematic tour packages focused on Slovak history of the most significant eras, culture and traditions

Because Slovakia and Bratislava are very rich on history, culture and traditions, many trips and tours can be taken, which are very popular among tourists. Let`s mention just a few ideas. Have you known, that in Slovakia you can still find a people who devote their time to handicraft by original way? A woodcutter, ceramics maker, and other artisans will surprise you by their craft.

Not many people know, that vine belongs among typical Slovak products. It is not so famous but all the more delicious. In a beautiful vine countryside around Bratislava and south regions of Slovakia you can find many vine houses. Vine makers here dedicated the whole time and effort to their vineyards and vine houses, which secures satisfaction and come-back of their clients. Such a trip enriched by regional food specialties as duck or goose, wine tasting in hand–made and cozy cellars and regional sights will bring you unforgettable experience.

Slovakia passed many historical eras which have significantly influenced evolution. In Slovakia, you can feel Great Moravian times together with unique monuments. Or have you known, that during times of Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Bratislava was a coronation town where also Maria Theresa was coronated? We can even present you a trip around communist monuments mostly interesting in our capital – Bratislava.

Thematic tour packages – golf, casino life, gastronomy, spas, hunting….

Slovakia can invite its visitors in more then 20 activ spas town situated in splendid surroundings. An opportunity of high quality services together with relax and recovery of body and soul is quite searched form of tourism currently. The most famous Spas welcoming domestic and foreign visitors are Pieštany, Bojnice, Bardejov and many others. Under your requirements, we can choose the best spa town for you and offer you advantageous package.

Golf is another very favourite form how to spend your time off. Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced player, we can find a suitable Slovak golf court for you.

Among other favourite theme packages offered by us belong also hunting, gastronomy, casino life and others.

Agro tourism, nature and Slovak folklore

Slovak proud is also the typical wooden architecure mostly in northern and eastern Slovakia. Or what about a trip to typical Walachian region, where you can taste a chalet life and see how typical Slovak cheese „bryndza“ is made?

You will never find such a nature uniques, which you can see in Slovakia. All 7 national parks and other preserved area are very special.

We also can invite you to one of Slovak national parks in north-eastern Slovakia with a special attraction – rafting on wooden rafts and where people are dressed in typical slovak folklor dress.

Active relax and adrenaline tours

Bratislava after dark trips

Sport events

We mainly focuse on rafting, paintball and hydrospeed in well built centres around Bratislava. All the sport trips are supplied with professionals depending on your wish. But you never know, what other adrenaline tours you can taste...

Try night life in one of the most safest cities – Bratislava. Our little big city has an accurate number of night clubs, pubs and cocktail bars including all types of music - clubs with music live, rock, various ethno, jazz, afro, latino, techno, underground, karaoke and many more. If you wish to taste a piece from each and you are crazy enough, try our tour de bar. You will also see the nicest sceneries in Bratislava by night.

Our company can ensure whole sport event for you accompanied by all the complementary services as accommodation, catering, transfers, and pre and post tours.

Tailor-made incentive tours

Incentive tours have become a very favourite form of tourism and Slovakia has much to offer. What about some games in a slovak region where you will try a typical Walachian life? Or maybe you want to have a rally? Or you want us to make some unexpected situations...? Let`s prepare the best event for your employees or a team.

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